Real estate management

Experienced property administrator - MAWEN

Real estate management MAWEN
Administration of housing communities

Real estate activities

MAWEN - real estate management

Our service is intended to the housing communities, investors and institutions that want to increase the value of their possessed properties (real assets) and are looking for an experienced administrator who works in a clear and effective way.

Our activities involve administrative, accounting-financial services, as well as legal and technical support.

of housing communities

MAWEN - real estate management

As a responsible administrator of the properties we take care of keeping every facility in a proper condition.

Moreover, we provide support in planning and carrying out investments. Basically our priority is to keep the highest possible value of the property.

We work and act in the housing community’s best interest. We want to make the building and its surroundings to be a safe and friendly place to all the inhabitants.

Real estate management Mawen

Management of commercial and industrial real estate

MAWEN - real estate management

By consigning us your property you may in a full measure focus on your business. 

Beside administrative and accounting-financial services we also deal with preparing budget plans, cooperation with subcontractors and supervision over exploitation and technical condition of the property

We do our best to make all the work in a professional and cooperative atmosphere.

Service of shopping malls

MAWEN - real estate management

We have a lifetime experience regarding shopping centers services which makes us efficient in achieving jointly set goals. 

That might be for instance increasing the number of people visiting the shopping malls and maintaining or even increasing the value of the property

In the case of the shopping centers, in addition to the activities typical for the commercial real estate, we also focus on
servicing tenants. That requires comprehensive approach and knowledge of law, economics and marketing.

Obsługa nieruchomości handlowych
zarządzanie nieruchomościami użyteczności publicznej

Management of
public utility real estate

MAWEN - Experienced property administrator

Public utility real estate includes buildings and structures that are intended for the general population, for example: offices, courts, health centers or schools

Managing the above buildings requires a lot of experience and familiarity, knowledge of the regulations. Such real estates are specific and essentially require special approach. 

As experienced administrators and managers of these specific properties we help out among others offices in every aspect of real estate administration.

Comprehensive property management

Every single type of real estate has its own characteristics and exigencies. We handle and deal with all sorts of them. We respect good practicies of real estate management. We work in an efficient and transparent manner. 

We are full-service, starting from administrative services through accounting – financial and legal ones to the technical support

Except that we manage contracts for the rental and commercialization of space. We provide the majority of services in Warsaw and its locality, yet not only. We operate all over Poland

Our lifetime experience, knowledge and technical support make us handling and taking care well of every property, regardless its type or location.

For over 10 years we have been providing professional services for residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

What sets us apart?

We approach our work with full commitment.

In each property we see not only the building butprimarily the owners and residents. That is why we operate in an honest, ethical way, respecting every person we encounter and we have the pleasure to work with.

Real estate management has become our passion!

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